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For the body

Gli attivi dell'olio nutrono in profondità la pelle che torna ad essere elastica e vitale.
I Bioattivi dell'uva rossa eliminano le tossine, modellano il corpo e riducono l'antiestetica "pelle a buccia d'arancia".

box 100 ml

Oil-in-water emulsion providing protection and moisture to dry and cracked hands.

12,00 €
box 50 ml

Recommended for acne prone skin. Calms irritation and improves the appearance of scaaring.

14,00 €
box 200 ml

USE: Apply the required amount to scalp with wet hair. Massage in and rinse thoroughly.

18,00 €
Confezione da 100 ml

gel detergente igienizzante

9,00 €
Confezione da 250 ml

detergente igienizzante con dosatore

9,50 €

Extremely delicate bath foam, suitable for all skin types.

18,00 €

It deeply moisturizes, softens and perfumes your skin.

24,00 €
Olive hand cream
Box of 50ml

Nourishing and restructuring for the dry and cracked skin. Rich in antioxidant vitamins and olive oil from Garda, gives maximum softness and suppleness to your hands.

15,00 €
Olive oil shower gel
Box of 200ml

Detergent oil for the daily care of dry and delicate parts. Rich in olive oil from Lake Garda restores epidermal lipid components giving maximum softness.

18,00 €
Body olive oil super absorbent
Box of 200ml

It nourishes the skin leaving it hydrated, smooth and delicately scented with a softening and soothing effect on the entire body.

20,00 €
Olive oil soap nourishing
Box of 100gr

Soap with high nutritional extracts of olives

7,00 €
Olive body scrub
Box of 500ml

A smoothing body peeling, exfoliating, revitalizing.

45,00 €
Shower gel red grapes
Box of 200ml

Physiological detergent which contains resveratrol, inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria

19,00 €
Red Grape Body Lotion
Box of 200ml

A soft emulsion nourishing and emollient to the skin of the body, enriched by the presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

19,00 €
Lavender shower gel

An excellent ally for a relaxing break, its lavender-scented notes give the body a pleasant softness and the mind a feeling of well-being.

18,00 €
Lavender body cream

Nourishing cream, scented with relaxing notes of lavender. Its application gives the skin a velvety feel and its fragrance a pleasant sensation of freshness.

20,00 €
Lavender modelling cream

Body cream with lavender. Very gentle and suitable for all skin types. Excellent for combating stretch marks and toning the skin, remodelling and anti-cellulite.

22,00 €
Lavender liquid detergent

Cleanser for daily care of the entire body. Suitable for all skin types, its lavender-based active ingredient is an excellent antibacterial and its fragrance gives a feeling of relaxation and well-being

15,00 €
Aqua spray (lavender hydrolate)

Beneficial and relaxing room or pillow spray with natural lavender essential oil. The pleasant scent of lavender relieves tension and calms the nerves. Ideal for evening tranquillity before bed, but also for everyday stress. To promote sleep, spray a few drops in the room or directly on the pillow and simply enjoy the fragrance.

8,00 €
Lavender essential oil roll-on

Lavender officinal essential oil in a convenient roll-on or spray pack, for quick and easy application wherever and whenever you want. It is renowned for its soothing, calming, relaxing properties. It is an excellent ally after insect and mosquito bites. Its fragrance is very pleasant

12,00 €

Olive oil-line

Quality and Well-being. Olive oil from Lake Garda. This tree has been important already for God and it is an important tree, not just for the scenery, but also for the cultivation and production. The olive tree is part of the area of Lake Garda and its surroundings. The natural conditions are ideal for the growth of the olive tree. By the lake and its water levels, the climate is mild in winter and the Monte Baldo also exerts a significant protection. The line for the face and for the body.

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Red grape-line

In collaboration with the farm "Agriturismo della Pieve", located in the hills of Bardolino between olive groves and vineyards, the exclusive and innovative bio-cosmetic line of red grapes has been launched. The wine and the grapes are not only part of a tradition, but have been also scientific researched. The many interesting studies of the active ingredients in the berries have confirmed specific therapeutic properties. According to European folk medicine, the juice from the young twigs of the vine is a popular remedy for skin diseases. The line for the face and for the body.

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A rose brings joy, speaks of love and is valuable for the beauty of the skin. The emotional essence of the rose has a strong harmonizing effect and is also called "doctor of love". The extracts used in the composition of the products are rose oil, rose petal extracts, rosewood extracts and rose distillates. The active ingredients of the rose are moisturizing, apply elasticity to the skin and cause an antioxidant anti-aging synthesis. In skin massage lotions, rose and neroli oils are suitable for dry and mature complexions.

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