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Our philosophy

COSMESI DEL GARDA offers the following lines:
- The baseline is the one with olive oil. The ingredients nourish the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. The vitamins E + F are natural antioxidants and protect the cell membranes of the skin from oxidative stress.
- The red grape-line is rich in flavonoid and revesterol being important for the skin treatment, the capacity of fibroblasts synthesize collagen, and hyaluronic acid prevents the formation of wrinkles.
- The rice grain-line

Olive oil-line

Quality and Well-being. Olive oil from Lake Garda. This tree has been important already for God and it is an important tree, not just for the scenery, but also for the cultivation and production. The olive tree is part of the area of Lake Garda and its surroundings. The natural conditions are ideal for the growth of the olive tree. By the lake and its water levels, the climate is mild in winter and the Monte Baldo also exerts a significant protection. The line for the face and for the body.

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Red grape-line

In collaboration with the farm "Agriturismo della Pieve", located in the hills of Bardolino between olive groves and vineyards, the exclusive and innovative bio-cosmetic line of red grapes has been launched. The wine and the grapes are not only part of a tradition, but have been also scientific researched. The many interesting studies of the active ingredients in the berries have confirmed specific therapeutic properties. According to European folk medicine, the juice from the young twigs of the vine is a popular remedy for skin diseases. The line for the face and for the body.

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The rice grain-line

The rice grains consist of several layers, rich in egg white, mineral salts, starches and vitamins. The oil extracted from it, however, is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular linoleic acid and palmitic acid. Modern cosmetic uses the properties and nutrients of rice to produce products that fight the aging process in particular. In addition, the rice starch gives the skin a pleasant feeling of freshness and tenderness. Many companies in the natural cosmetics offer creams, ointments and soaps, which are enriched with rice starch and rice oil.

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